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Whatever changes are eventually implemented they are intended to last for some considerable time.
The Bus Wall?

Thankfully, the 'Bus Wall' proposed by Lambeth has been rejected by Transport for London.

The picture above shows how Old Town could have looked from the Common. Hardly appropriate for the very centre of the Clapham Conservation Area. By July 2011 Lambeth proposed 5 bus stands for bus parking and 1 alighting stop on this short stretch of The Pavement. The wall of buses is getting even longer.

There were other concerns too. Could the road have supported the traffic that uses it with buses parked as shown?

If the plans had proceeded, The Pavement, which this road is called, will have had to take more than double the traffic than it does at the moment because all traffic though Old Town is to be routed along it.
The present road infrastructure is inadequate to cope with parked and parking buses along The Pavement and all of the traffic from Old Town, as well as that from Clapham Common Northside.

The Pavement, would not have coped with the doubling of traffic – and with buses trying to park and queuing in a one way street.

Crossing from The Pavement to get to the Church and Common would have been much more difficult with sight of the now busier road being greatly restricted by the buses parked along it. The Original Master Plan included two new pedestrian crossings between The Pavement and Old Town.

The view the Original Master Plan click here.

A recent design study identified the following shortcomings with the Old Town area as it is at the moment.

To overcome these shortfalls, the design study suggested

How could these issues possibly
have been met with the parking and
of buses on The Pavement?
Thankfully these plans have been dropped.

The bullet points above are taken from Lambeth Council's Clapham Gateway Design Study.