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Whatever changes are eventually implemented they are intended to last for some considerable time.
Risks to our Children.

Thankfully, The 'Bus Wall' proposed by Lambeth has been rejected by Transport for London.

If the plans to place the Bus Terminus on The Pavement had gone ahead, then children using the paddling pool would have been exposed to higher levels of pollution from the diesel fumes that buses pump out. Whilst parked, drivers often leave their engines running.

Aerial view of the paddling pool.

Bus diesel engines are large and their exhausts would have pointed in the direction of the pool. This can hardly be good for our children's developing lungs. The peak times of pool use would have coincided with peak bus use.

Bus Engine Paddling Pool.

Children crossing the road to get to the pool would have been placed in danger if they had attempted to cross the road from the East side of Old Town with the restricted vision that the parked buses would have caused.
CONSEQUENCES if the original "Gateway" had been adopted