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Whatever changes are eventually implemented they are intended to last for some considerable time.

Stop the
Bus Wall
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If the buses are parked along The Pavement, we fear that this will lead to the widening of this road to take the extra volume of traffic and the possible introduction of a bus lane. A significant part of the The Common close to Old Town would then be lost, as would some of the charm of the area.

Changes by Stealth?

Residents close to The Pavement have witnessed a sequence of recent changes, which could the thin edge of a wedge to affect the widening of the road. These changes have taken place over three years.
  1. A bus stop appeared on The Pavement.
  2. The railings around the part of the Common on the East side of The Pavement, adjacent to the bus stop, were removed.
  3. The bus stop was then removed and replaced with a bus stand, necessitating the removal of residents parking bays.
At no point were residents consulted about this.

We wonder what other changes are planned without our knowledge.
Is there a hidden agenda?

The picture below shows the current situation with the recently installed two bus stands on The Pavement, opposite The Polygon.

The widening of The Pavement can only be achieved by losing part of The Common, and possibly part of the paddling pool.

At nearby Herne Hill, part of Brockwell Park has recently been taken to widen the road there, so these fears are by no means without foundation
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