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Whatever changes are eventually implemented they are intended to last for some considerable time.
The Original Master Plan 2007

The plan below shows the Master Plan adopted by Lambeth in 2007, which has been ignored.  Notice how it improves links between Old Town and The Common with two new pedestrian crossings.

Lambeth's original proposals for the "Gateway" turned this plan on its head.

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The Original Master Plan addresses many of the points raised in Lambeth Council's Design Study of 2002.

The design study identified the following shortcomings with the Old Town area.

The Original Master Plan, on the left, resolves these by the addition of two pedestrian crossings from The Pavement, as you can see from the plan.

These also address some of remits of the Design Study, namely by:-

How can any of these points be addressed with the parking and queuing of buses along The Pavement that the subsequent Clapham Gateway Option A proposed? Thankfully, Option A has been abandoned.